Friday, July 31, 2009

Courtney and Marie's Brooklyn Getting To Know You Session

Meet Courtney and Marie. Courtney and Marie live in Brooklyn so when they asked to have their getting to know you session in NYC, I was all about it! It was great because Marie was our personal tour guide, she knew all the cool spots. We capped off the shoot with an awesome lunch at a Turkish restaurant and of course, the Brooklyn Bridge.

Thanks again guys for an awesome day, I had a blast! Marie, I will be taking you up on that personal tour very soon :)

Next Up: Lindsay and Zak, getting busy at the Hillstead Museum.

You just have to love the back drop on this one.

Meet Courtney

Meet Marie

A few classic bridge shots


mama al said...

gorgeous! you rock at your JOB ;)

Eileen Broderick said...

These look amazing!! You found so many cool spots and backdrops. The stones, the murals, the bridge, etc. Lots of cool poses too--very creative. Love 'em.

Andi Walpurgis said...

WOW...the post keep getting better and better each have definately found your calling...great job!!!!!

Brooklyn Handspun said...

OMG - you totally are amazing! Both Courtney and I LOVE the photos. We couldn't ask for a better or nicer photographer. I can't wait to see the rest and what you do at the wedding. Oh and bring it on - whenever you want that tour just let me know - I might have to bring my camera too!

Robin Dini Photography said...

love love love!! the star shot, the colored wall, the shot on the rocks. really cool locations man. I love the flow of this.