Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jennifer and Scott Getting To Know You Session, Harkness State Park

Meet Jennifer and Scott! We spent the day down in Waterford (my home away from home) at Harkness Memorial State Park. This is by far the most elaborate, elegant, fun and diverse place to photograph in CT. You get the beach, with or with out the rocky coast, the French and Italian gardens, the huge mansion and of course the 200+ acres of land. It's a great place for a getting to know you session or a wedding!

Next up: Courtney and Marie's Brooklyn Love! You don't want to miss this one fo sho!

I absolutely love this boardwalk.

This is me standing about 10 feet in the air defying my fear of heights.

Gotta love sea grass.

Here is a small example of that 200 acre feild. I love this image.
Thistles everywhere.
Oh and not to forget the really cool vines everywhere too.

Thanks again guys for hanging out. looking forward to the big day only 46 days away!


BeyondTheLens said...

Love that bigpen field one Eric..they areal bnging though..an't wait to se wat you have in store next!

Cathy (and David) said...

I love that wide one just before the ring shot. Love the composition and simplicity!

Robert J. Trenske said...

Love Harkness and (as we talked about) loved seeing how different it can be captured each and everytime. Great work Eric!!

Brianna Phelan said...

Gorgeous - great great shots :)

Kristen Taylor said...

love love love the open feild shot!